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Molds are microorganisms that only require oxygen and water to propagate. They usually form a large colony and are destructible to objects and food. They may also be harmful to human health (depending on the type of mold). For this reason, it is best to get rid of such growths in the home, e.g. walls, baths, sinks, etc.

Molds come from spores that are distributed in the air. They remain as a spore until there is enough moisture in the environment to grow. The development of these fungi in the home is usually caused by the presence of high levels of humidity. For example, the steam expelled from a hot shower that does not have enough ventilation to escape through the windows. This increase the humidity levels in the bathroom and the rooms next to it. If this continues, the walls may absorb the moisture and this allows mildew to grow.

Although most molds are generally harmless, some types are harmful to humans who are exposed to them at high concentrations, and potentially cause respiratory problems. For this reason, it is better to be safe and remove all fungi growth in the house.

Mold remediation is the removal of mold that is present indoors. A variety of methods exist in the clean-up process:
Dry ice blasting: the use of solid carbon dioxide which is pressurized and then used to clean materials such as cement and wood).

Damp wipe: Water and detergent is used, to simply clean the surfaces that mold are present on.
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum: this method requires personal protective equipment. Vacuum cleaners are used with filters to clean up dried and contaminated materials. This is useful in the removal of dust in the area of the remediation.

Disposal: Contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned need to be disposed of properly and securely. This helps prevent further contamination.

The cost varies greatly, depending on several factors and situations:

– If the clean-up is performed by the owner of the house, they will only require some products that have been EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved. The extent of mold growth may be only in some parts of the house. This is considered a “DIY” method and it is the most low-cost. Estimated to be around $20, and if a respirator is used, costs can go up to $120.

– If this is done by a mold remediation service, for an average house they will first assess locations of mold growth in the house, as well as mold types. Some molds do not require too much protective clothing during the removal process and this will reduce the total cost greatly. If the type of mold is harmful and high-risk then the method of removal as well as the protection required for remediation will have an impact on the total cost of this procedure. This can cost from $500 up to $5000.

– Mold can cause severe structural damage in the home. If a remediation contractor is required for this extent of repair then this can cost $10’000 up to $30’000.
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